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In the current purchasing strategy of Enter Air it is essential to ensure efficient and quick information that is necessary to coordinate the purchase process covering spare parts, equipment and materials. Thanks to high quality service provided by we can have an easy access to all data that finally have an impact on quick decision which gives us an advantage on the market. This enable us to improve financial performance that translates on general growth of the airline.

Using the system is simple and transparent which has also an influence on work efficiency. Locatory provides excellent access to suppliers as well as opportunities for a comparison and choose the most convenient offer.

We are also pleased with the support provided by a professional staff of . If it's necessary we obtain on time relevant information that enable to solve all the issues.

We hope for a further good and fruitful cooperation in the future.

Enter Air Piotr Kocyk / Purchasing and Logistics Manager

Enhanced Global Reach for MROs

Save time and money on daily purchase operations

Access to Quality Suppliers, Airlines & other Aviation Companies

By providing the opportunity to sell surplus stock, offers MROs the full package of support services.

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