10 Largest LinkedIn Aviation Groups Every Aviation Insider Must Join


As LinkedIn is considered to be the largest professionals’ network it can be used to make useful contacts by various industries professionals. One of the easiest and most effective ways of doing it is joining the specific groups which bring the professionals of a certain industry together.

Here is the list of 10 biggest LinkedIn groups to join for the aviation industry professionals:

1. Aviation Professionals (100,000+ Members)

This group is the first on the list because it is the biggest aviation group in LinkedIn (now 150,000+ members). Aviation Professionals is a very active community that shares the latest news and discusses the wide range of aviation related topics.

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2. Aviation & Aerospace Professionals

This group is also one of the biggest aviation professionals group in LinkedIn connecting more than 130,000 professionals. The group is full of news and discussions about aviation and its market.

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3. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Group

The group brings together more than 100,000 professionals that are involved in travel, tourism and hospitality industries. It also includes the airline industry professionals. The group contains the wide range of topics that can be relevant to the professionals of aviation industry.

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4. Airlines Industry Professionals Worldwide

This group is the biggest (89,000+ members) group that is intended especially for the airline industry professionals in LinkedIn. The group is full of various discussions, topics and news relevant to airlines industry players.

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5. Aviation Network

Aviation network is described as the internet aviation community linking more than 82,000 members. The group is especially oriented to airports and airlines communities. It is meant to share the news and discuss the aviation related topics.

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6. International Air Transport Association (IATA)

It is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) official group that brings together almost 40,000 members yet. The association has released the commercial standards for aviation industry that are used globally.

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7. Business Aviation Network

The group unifies more than 32,000 business aviation professionals from all over the world. It also contains 16 subgroups for professionals from different countries or cities. Business Aviation Network group is full of discussions about various topics related to the aviation and business.

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8. THAT’s Professional (Travel, Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism)

The group connects more than 20,000 professionals from travel, hospitality, aviation and tourism industries. THAT’s Professional group contains a wide range of topics that are important for all industries or a certain one.

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9. Global Airline Managers

The Global Airline Managers group is designed for the members of the global airline community and contains 20,000 members. The aim of the group is to bring managers from commercial airlines together for professional, networking and employment purposes.

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10. Aerospace MRO

Aerospace MRO links the MRO and other professionals from aviation industry who are interested in maintenance, repair and overhaul related news, discussions and topics. It connects 20,000 professionals yet.

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