3 simple steps to increase engagement with existing B2B marketing budget


Every business is oriented in increasing their engagement and incomes, getting more customers. To reach those aims, many companies hire marketing and other companies to help to achieve these purposes. However, many effective methods of sales rise do not always require a bigger B2B marketing budget.  In this article you will find some methods which were used by client project that delivered double the leads without increasing their budget. The best results in increasing engagement of those projects were reached by implementing a best practice system of content, programs, and tools such as AdWords or Cost Per Click (CPC).

First of all, you should repurpose your existing content to be more findable, relevant and valuable. This means that you can prevent from creating new content and invest your time in starting with your existing inventory. In this case the content was developed by identified key categories, topics, keywords, and formats for repurposing relevant information. More than 30 contents were repurposed.

The second step is to create a knowledge center to host your knowledge content. This knowledge center of you is important to your clients which come into your website in order to solve their existing problems. The most important information to customers is about defining the problem, assess their needs, evaluate different solutions to their problems. This lets you to be more reachable connect with and help your clients.

The last one step is using LinkedIn, Twitter, and SlideShare or other media. These social media can deliver more qualified and engaged prospects. Due to this fact you should tap your network through the most popular social media. Use Twitter or LinkedIn to promote knowledge center content, share the latest news via social media. Also you can optimize sales and marketing employee, company LinkedIn profiles to feature content from the knowledge center.

As the result, in those projects, there was a higher level of pages visitors. Also better AdWords quality scores resulting in lower cost-per-click and better ad ranks. Content performance measurement showing that the knowledge center was connecting with and converting more customers and providing valuable intelligence into what these customers wanted to know.