6 Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Promote Your B2B Business


Most of B2B businesses are already using such social media as LinkedIn, Facebook or SlideShare. Do you use Pinterest to promote your company? If you’re not there yet – you should be. Why? It’s simple. Pinterest is a great way to visualize your content marketing activities and to engage your customers. We will show you even 6 ways how to use Pinterest for your business success simply by creating and visualizing different boards:

1. Boards of the content you’ve (e.g. infographics, blog posts, white papers and more).

Don’t miss the chance to promote your company this way. It doesn’t matter what type of content you create – show it! Create different boards for every type of content and visualize it in the way you want to be seen. You also can create the board to promote your products or services in the way that would help your customers to optimize their work, save time, or just would be entertaining for them – be creative and useful!

2. Board of your email newsletters

This relates to a previous tip but is worth to be mentioned separately because it is a great way for you to get more your newsletter subscribers. Pin your newsletter as PDF or image or pin its fragments to your Pinterest. And don’t forget to include the possibility to subscribe it!

3. Boards for keywords you want to rank on

When you’re creating a new board, think how you should name it. The thought-out your board name will let you be seen at the Google search results for the people you want to show it. You can even create the boards for the keywords you want, just don’t forget to pin the useful or entertaining content to these boards.

4. Board of your employees

Creating the board of your company employees enables you to promote your company’s culture and to attract more employees. Also it helps you humanize your company that lets you engage more with the audience you want.

5. Board of what it’s like to work at your company

Creating such a board can also promote your company’s culture and encourage the specialists to choose your company to work for. You just need to think how to show what your company is. This information can also be useful for journalists who want to write about your company.

6. Board to feature your customer of the month

The social media marketing (even B2B) is directed to people. Creating the board of your customer of the month enables you to get more attention for your company. When promoting their companies you have a great chance to be mentioned in their social media posts or updates. That also grows your company awareness.

There have been shown 6 ways how to promote your company by using Pinterest. You can choose whenever you want to use it all or just a few tips but it is obvious that Pinterest can be another way to promote your B2B company.