Find Out the Ways How to Turn Your Followers into Customers


Nowadays more and more B2B companies invest in social media to engage their possible customers into the company’s activity. However, often having a lot of followers doesn’t mean a big audience engagement. So, the question is how to turn the followers you have into customers? Here are 5 tips how to do this:

1. Develop a social media strategy

Before you take any actions, it is important to set the realistic goals to reach while using social media. It doesn’t matter what goals you are setting, make sure you haven’t forgotten the SMART rule. Your goals have to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely or in other words – “smart” and appoint the responsible individuals for every area. Otherwise, your efforts can be fruitless because you will not be able to measure the results you achieved. The goals have to be reviewed periodically responding to the findings of your social media activity. Another important thing is to choose the right tone when talking to your audience and unify your tone through all the channels.

2. Create unique content

If you want to attract the customers you have to be different. The unique content creation enables you to stand out from your opponents. Unique researches, the new view to the old subjects or unique knowledge sharing is your “chance to shine”.

3. Hire B2B marketing professionals

Your social media accounts have to reflect your company. For this reason, you need to find the person who would be familiar with your business and would have the right skills to promote your company the right way on the social media.

4. Create and share reliable content

The content that contains real facts or figures is always more trusted than the content with no evidences that it is correct. The more reliable your created content will be the more trust you will gain. This rule also applies to the content you share. A trusted brand and companies are always more valued.

5. Show your company’s personality

As mentioned before, you have to be different to be successful. The social media is a great channel to show your company’s personality. You don’t have to be serious all the time – a few fun tweets in your social media channel will make your company more like a human being and encourage people to engage with you. More engaged people means increased awareness of your brand.

6. Engage Influencers

Finding the right people can increase your brand awareness significantly. The key to success is not finding the old influencers but finding the people whose specific interests match yours and impress them. Improve yourself on these specific areas of interest and give them your prospect on topics they’ve recently written or talked about. This will let you engage with them and turn them into your brand evangelists.

7. Use event hashtags

Attending your industry events gives you a lot of possibilities. First, of course, you get the latest industry news and market trends. Second, you get in-person networking possibility. Third, that engage with social media topic, you can post e.g. a positive feedback or insights about the event using the event hashtag. This let you to have in common with all participants for a short period when you have more opportunities to engage them.

8. Link your social media accounts to your website

Although it is important to focus on such things as brand awareness and connections, but you also have to remember to regularly move the conversation towards your website to drive traffic to it. Make sure that all of your social media profiles include links with your site in order curious people who appreciate your social work could find out more about your company.