Find the Ways How Social Media Can Grow Your B2B Business


Traditionally, social media is seen as B2C sector sales and brand awareness driving tool. However, now B2B sector companies are increasingly starting to see the value of social media for their business. Normally such social media as LinkedIn or Slideshare would be assigned as suitable B2B sector but not the Facebook or YouTube.  The point is that although you want to sell for a company, the individuals create the company and they use Facebook or YouTube even more than LinkedIn or Slideshare.

However, before starting anything you have to find out who your target is. To reach your customer you have to know who he is. Remember, you have to reach not the company you want to sell to but the individual that makes the purchasing decision in that company.  Otherwise there are no guarantees at all that your marketing campaign will be successful. For this research a great social media is LinkedIn.

When targets are set and their needs are known you can start using social media to grow your business. Here are the3 ways how social media can grow your B2B business:

1. Increase your image as a leader

Every B2B company wants to be seen as the leader of their industry. To implement this companies are usually producing and publishing content in many forms such as articles, white papers, webinars, infographics and more. The social media is a great channel to distribute such content.

2. Drive you brand awareness

B2B companies are already using various tools to increase their awareness, such as web, email and mobile. Social media channels can be added to this list as the way to communicate their messages, distribute their content to increase the brand awareness.

3. Discover business and competitive insights

The third way how social media can be used to grow B2B business is discovering the market trends, possible threats and getting brand and industry insights. The specific listening software tools can be used to get all mentioned types of information that can be used to optimize company’s business and marketing strategies and it helps the company to adapt to the market more easily.

There are many more ways how to use the social media than those 3 mentioned most common ways. Though, the point is that the targeted, strategic and well planned social media use can really grow your B2B business by increasing brand awareness, shaping your image as the industry leader and providing the business insights.