Find Triggers Which Could Inspire User-Generated Content


Users created content is one of the most valuable assets for the company. It is more likely that potential customers will trust another person’s comments and insights about your business rather than your advertisements or press releases. It’s easier for such global and worldwide known B2B companies as Nike or similar because customers seem to be much more likely to engage with them and to share the pictures, opinions and other contents about these companies. However, that doesn’t mean that B2B companies can’t take advantage from this type of the content but here rises the question: how to engage your customers to share their opinions and stories about your company?

To help to find the answer to this question we offer you the three ways how to inspire your customers to generate content for you:

1. Offer Something in Exchange

When talking about the users’ comments or shared success stories there are much more chances that they will write something for you if you offer something in exchange. For example, if you offer a discount for the next order or even just the possibility to be seen at your company’s web page, you should be able to find the customers who are willing to say something good about you.

2. Hold a Contest

Similar to the idea mentioned above, you can also use a contest to collect users’ generated content. For example, run a contest when asking your customers to share their best success story about your product or service and, of course, offer them a valuable prize. This is just one of various ways how to use the contests to encourage your customers to create content for you. Just find the one that will work best for you. You should also remember that the better prize you’ll offer, the more effort your customers will put into submissions as well.

3. Make it Easier to Share Opinions

If you’re not getting the right amount of the users’ generated content that doesn’t always mean that they don’t want to share their opinions or stories. It can also mean that they don’t know where to share it. To make it easier to share you can write an email with the link to a page where they can write (whether there is such page) or just make it easier to write the comment on your web page (e.g. with bigger headline asking to leave the comment or other).

While users’ generated content can be a great way to increase the trust of your company, you have to also put the efforts to encourage your customers to create it. These are just a few ways how you can do this and, as it was mentioned before, you have to find what works for you company. That doesn’t matter whether you use these tips or find your own ways to inspire your customers but users’ generated content can really drive your business.