LinkedIn – social network for your sales prospecting


According to IBM description of social business media success, business move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social is changing the way people connect and the way organizations succeed. This points out that every business, which is orientated in high sales results, should be available in social media. LinkedIn – is one of the most popular social networks, which is well known by professionals, business marketers and is important for them in case to connect with right people and built new partnerships.

As illustrated in the fourth annual “B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends” report, put out by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 91% of B2B content marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute their content.

Now, when we believed in efficiency of this incredible social media, let find out the ways in which LinkedIn could be used in your business trying to increase sales:

  1. Connect as frequently as you can.

It is important for salesperson to take a long hard look at contacts on LinkedIn. It is necessary to understand that connections breed connections. Your first level contacts open up a route to a wide range of second and third level connections. This is how you scale your network. Strike while the iron’s hot – whenever you meet anyone (online or off) always follow up quickly with a connection request while you are still fresh in their mind.

  1. Find Surprise Opportunities

Try to search for companies in the “people” field. This gives you a list of people who work or have worked in that company. Then, you can narrow it by location and job description. Draw your attention where people have worked before they were at their current job. By doing this, you will find many other companies (which could be your customers).

  1. Follow Prospect/Customer Actions

Follow your staff to follow the new contacts and recent LinkedIn activities of your customers and prospects. This helps you uncover possible opportunities. Professional Lecture Agent, speaker expert and industry blogger Gary McManis says that this method help his company to uncover several relatively large projects they were getting ready to undertake by noticing they were connecting with vendors and consultants who offered services that were a good fit for their products.

  1. Follow changes in your prospect companies

All vendors know that every change creates opportunity. Follow companies you are interested in in order to get know what people join the company or leave it, what important announcements company share in media, because changes can present a good reason to get in touch and offer to help.

  1. Use groups for more than simply keeping up to date

Join existing groups to learn more about the industries you focus on. Posts, member questions are great opportunity to know what you haven’t yet or find something interesting in your sector, also you can make insights into what is happening in other company and there is no doubt that group membership gives capability to make more connections and new potential partnerships.

  1. The ‘look and look back’ trick

You always should check who has viewed your profile in order to find people which could be useful for your activity. If someone looked at your profile, it is a good excuse to reach out with a connection request. Also, you should look profiles of whose people which could be a part of your business and increase sales in the final result. There is always a possibility that people, whose profiles you viewed, ask you to connect with them.

Many organizations use these tips to make the social media purposeful for their activities. By doing this, there is always lot of possibilities that you will find great opportunities to reach out the audience you need for you and have a feedback and brilliant sales results.