List of websites from Russian build aircraft manufacturers


Russia, as the largest and one of the most powerful country in the world, aims to grow in producing aircraft until 2025. Today there are five largest manufacturers of aircraft in Russia. One of them is Sukhoi — major aircraft holding company, employing more than 26,000 people. 100% of stock of the Sukhoi belongs to the United Aircraft Corporation (JSC). The Company is Russia’s major manufacturer of export aircraft, placed third in the world in terms of the numbers of modern fighters produced. The Company is currently implementing promising programs in the field of military and civil aircraft engineering. For more information visit:
Tupolev JSC is the largest developer of aircraft engaged in the design, manufacture and testing of aircraft for various purposes, creation and implementation of new technologies for production, maintenance and after-sales service of aircraft, crew training at the training center. For more information visit:

Migavia – the first national aircraft manufacturer in Russia aircraft corporations. RAC “MiG” is integrated company in which all technologies of design, production and improvement of aircraft are collected together in one legal frame. Corporation Migavia holds the shares of other corporations which are included into the complex of firms developing and producing the aircraft engines. For more information visit:

Ilyushin – is one of the oldest enterprises in the area of aircraft development. Company operates in leading manufacturers of aircraft components, R&D institutes and major air companies, and performs the entire set of activities related to design, modernization, preparation, support of aircraft production. For more information visit:

Yak Aircraft Corporation – the company retains a full capability for design, development, experimental production, and serial production of very sophisticated aerospace products. For more information visit: