Make sure your B2B Sales and Marketing Emails will be read


Nowadays, in the crowded Marketplace it is quite hard to stand out from the other companies. As a business unit you should find a thing which could be your business magic key and strengthens your marketplace. This rule also applies to B2B sales and marketing emails.

First of all, there are some differences describing Sales emails and Marketing emails. Sales emails are direct communications between the sales team and prospects Marketing emails are designed to build relationships with prospects, it usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Every day we get a plenty of such kind of emails: some of them we just open to take a glance, another go to Trashes. But how about those we click open and read truly? What are the key points of attracting attention?

Here we found some triggers you should use creating your emails:

  •         Grab their attention by finding an unique subject line which could stand out in a crowded inbox. Also you should communicate a little bit benefit to reader, and the subject line is a great place to do it. The subject line must accurate the point of the message as well as about what is in the letter.
  •         Get personal: if anything seems like it was mass-emailed, it goes straight to the trash. That‘s why many companies add their prospect’s name to the subject line and it usually works. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your sign-up forms ask for this information, so your automated programs can make use of it in the subject line or in the body of the email message. Use only the name by itself without Mr. or Ms.
  •         Prepare for the preview pane by displaying the information in the preview pane. This is one of the reasons your message gets opened. Think about how each message show up in clients email. Try not to put key messages in images only. If the pictures do not display correctly in email, your primary message will be lost. Make sure to have your call to action in text as well as a button or banner.
  •         Use humor in your emails. It could be something like Knock, Knock,” with the body containing a knock-knock joke. People prefer humor, even business people are happy about feeling relaxed, it does not put them under an obligation to read complicated content.
  •         Stick to the same time. Sending emails when your readers are getting ready for work or going to bed? There are chances your emails will not get opened. Given that 24% of emails are opened in the first hour, reach out to your audience when they are not too busy. Discover when your potential partners could be at least busy.
  •         Optimize for mobile. Before you send your next email, test it in various mobile devices and browsers. Keep your subject line short, so subscribers can read it on their mobile device. Also include your call to action at the top of the email, in case your subscribers can’t scroll to see the full message on their mobile device.

There are many others key points which could increase the level of emails reading. However, you should pay attention to these lines and make sure that your emails not only reach the audience but also are being read in case to achieve the goals of your company.