Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Aviation Channels to Subscribe


YouTube is a great way to spend the free time by watching hundreds of videos. However, because of their abundance sometimes it becomes difficult to find the best of them. To help you answer the question of what YouTube channels are worth watching and find out the greatest aviation videos easily we bring you the list of 10 most watched YouTube Aviation Channels:

1. Airboyd

Airboyd channel is not only the most popular channel by the number of subscribers but also the most watched YouTube channel. It is represented as the hub for aviation and aerospace news and videos. The channel has more than 100 000 subscribers and contains 6 989 videos that have been viewed 203 991 372 times so far.

The channel contains videos and films about training, safety, vintage aircraft and more.


2. Cargospotter

Cargospotter is an aviation channel that now contains 252 videos about various aircrafts, air shows and various aviation related situations. The channel has 63 949 subscribers and has been viewed 43 030 766 times so far.


3. Barcelona-El Prat In’tl

Barcelona-El Prat In’tl is an aviation channel that contains 213 videos about aviation footage from Barcelona-El Prat and other airports around Europe such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva, Palma de Malloca etc. The channel has 25 007 subscribers and 31 373 162 views.


4. Airshowfansh

Airshowfansh channel contains 4 720 videos about aviation and air shows from North America. The channel is created by Zinger Aviation Media and has 14 688 subscribers and 62 139 540 views for now.


5. RUNWAY FUN [Aviation & Military & plus]

Runway fun is aviation and military related channel containing 2 776 videos. The channel contains various aviation related videos from flights, various aircrafts and fighter-planes flying and more. The channel has 24 553 subscribers and its videos have been watched 29 553 571 times.


6. Dantorp Aviation

Dandrop Aviation is the channel that contains 4 types’ videos that are flight reviews, travel videos from real flights, spotting videos and Microsoft Flight Simulator videos. It contains 293 videos that were viewed 10 082 863 times and has 27 972 subscribers.


7. Bomberguy

Bomberguy is an aviation history channel that contains 338 videos related to various aviation history events. The channel has 11 247 subscribers and has been viewed 28 416 190 times.


8. TheGreatFlyer

The GreatFlyer channel was created by 16 years pilot student in 2009 and now has 39 279 subscribers and 23 387 514 views. The channel is full of aircrafts, fighter-planes, and helicopters related videos – a total of 243 videos.


9. Historical Aviation Film Unit

The channel is created by Historical Aviation Film Unit and contains various vintage aircrafts, military vehicles, racing cars, trains and all manner of man-made machines. The channel has 24 807 subscribers and 18 942 344 views up to now.


10. Noe Castillo Aviation Videos

Noe Castillo Aviation Videos is an aviation channel that contains 234 video. Most of them are from Mexican aviation daily routine.  The channel has 26 956 subscribers and its videos have been viewed 8 233 893 times.


Enjoy watching the greatest aviation videos on YouTube!