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About us


11 years ago Strewreib Aviation Services started to perform acceptance inspections of commercial Airplanes world wide. From that we expanded into a full range of aviation related asset management duties, except remarketing (we provide technical expertise to support remarketing efforts).

Currently, we maintain an ongoing involvement of all types from Fokker 50 up to Airbus A330 and  Boeing 747-400 . We offer services which range from project orientated to long term contractual obligations to monitor and report on all aircraft in a portfolio on a monthly basis.

Furthermore we can provide CAMO SERVICES for the Airbus A320 Family, logistic support all over the world and still growing proffesional well trained support team,and  Record Scan Services 

Our expertise is directly related to all phases of airline charter operations and technical capabilities.
I remain confident that you will find us to be professionals with years of experience and the ability to support your efforts from pre-purchase through return compliance. Additionally, we have the expertise to prepare technical data to support claims and testify as expert witnesses.

Our knowledge of the industry is full circle and has been obtained after years of hands-on experience in all aspects of airline operations and oversight. Our experience and expertise related to most corporate types of aircraft. We have managed corporate fleets - from purchase analysis through completion - fit out, maintenance and dispatch, saving hundreds of thousands in operating costs for our clients. If you have any further questions regarding Strewreib Aviation services, or any of our services, use the Inquiry form.