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Artificial Intelligence conquers the Middle East

2020-09-09 / 2 min

Ultra-fast smartphones, cutting-edge tablets and powerful PCs – today everyone has them, meaning that developing along with the market is not enough. You have to be at least one step ahead in order to ensure the competitiveness of your company and products. For example, let’s take Japanese venture capital firm, Deep Knowledge, which, like many, has a

New artificial intelligence plugin integrates spare parts search with Outlook

2020-09-09 / 2 min

Recently Locatory.com has launched Amber A.I., an artificial intelligence spare parts procurement assistant, capable of recognizing aircraft part numbers, conditions and quantities from any email. Today the company has presented a new plugin to complement the virtual tool. By integrating Amber’s capabilities directly into an email client, it enables procurement managers to reach suppliers straight

Surplus parts: MROs’ knight’s move in the aftermarket battle?

2020-09-09 / 3 min

Many OEMs have been forced to reduce their forecast for new spare parts sales at least once or twice during the last year due to lower than expected shop visits. In 2014, as the period of airlines destocking spares and differing maintenance services has been gradually drawing to a close, the demand for spares and

Fraud in aviation supply chain: a struggle for transparency

2020-09-09 / 3 min

There is no secret that for quite some time now fraud-related losses have been an increasing industry-wide problem in aviation. However, due to numerous reasons the issue has been largely swept under the carpet. Only recently the industry players have started publicly addressing the problem which costs airlines as much as approx. $1.4 billion per

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