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How to optimize AOG parts availability amid supply chain crisis?

2023-07-04 / 2 min

Due to the failure to effectively address unscheduled maintenance events known as Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations, the aviation industry has been grappling with significant losses in potential revenue, estimated at a staggering $6 billion annually. With ongoing global supply chain disruptions in the post-pandemic environment and the unavailability of spare parts and components, the

Expected Boom of Aircraft Part Aftermarket

2023-05-19 / 2 min

In recent years, the aviation industry has faced numerous challenges, with one of the most significant being issues with the aircraft part supply chain. Locatory.com, an aviation marketplace for aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities, reports that the aircraft part aftermarket is expected to boom, following the accumulating issues in the industry. According to Toma

Top 5 Emergency Delivery Service Providers in Aviation

2023-04-05 / 2 min

As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, the need for urgent deliveries is becoming more frequent. In situations where time is of the essence, emergency delivery via air service providers plays a critical role. Toma Matutyte, CEO of Locatory.com, an aviation marketplace for aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities, provides valuable insights into the top 5

Digital Aero Technologies invests 1 million euros into aviation tech businesses Locatory.com and Enginestands.com

2021-12-22 / 3 min

Digital Aero Technologies, a technology-driven aviation companies’ holding, established by a global aviation services group Avia Solutions Group, has announced that two more companies have joined the digital family – Locatory.com and Enginestands.com. The recently established holding Digital Aero Technologies plans to cover various tech areas and fields – from news and recruitment to smart

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