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Release date : 2020-09-09
The invisible aftermarket: an easy answer to spares procurement delays

Although the aviation spare parts market is forecasted to grow at a rate of 4% at least until 2018 (Research and Markets report), the percentage of flight delays caused by technical failures is still rising. In fact, various statistics indicate logistics-related delays of spare parts supply still add up to over $20 million per year

Release date : 2020-09-09
Optimizing the supply chain is on the doorstep of every operator

Despite successfully cutting down their aircraft spare part pools and eliminating certain inventory costs, airlines, MROs and other industry players these days still find themselves entrapped in vastly inconvenient component procurement processes. Some experts even state that by 2020, most operators will have abandoned their inventory stocks at all. Such transition would translate into an

Release date : 2020-09-09
Will there ever be light at the end of the supply chain tunnel?

Unarguably, aviation aftermarket today is a vital segment of the entire industry. Currently valued at over $28 billion dollars, it accounts for nearly half of the MRO market pie. Largely driven by the rapidly expanding global fleet, the development of spare parts market is now seen as a great area to squeeze some additional profit

Release date : 2020-09-09
Embracing modern e-commerce: towards a more effective aviation aftermarket

During a recent DLD conference, Scott Galloway, founder of a benchmarking and education firm L2, shared an insight that the global e-commerce companies are either going to open stores or go out of business. For instance, Amazon can be expected to decline in value mostly due to its ineffective logistics system, which involves shipping products

Release date : 2020-09-09
Aircraft spares e-marketing: when visibility equals profit

The importance of spare parts trade in modern commercial aviation industry cannot be overstated. In fact, data provided by ICF SH&E indicates that the spare parts market has grown by over $5 billion in 12 years’ time, currently accounting for almost a half of the overall MRO market. Moreover, the carriers are increasingly adopting an

Release date : 2020-09-09
Additive manufacturing in aviation: the future is now

Recently an engine nozzle made aviation history by becoming the first 3D printed part certified by the US FAA to fly inside General Electric’s commercial jet engines. The metal component will first be retrofitted on more than 400 currently adopted GE90-94B jet engines, used mainly for Boeing’s 777 airliners. The next phase will see printed

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