About Locatory.com

Who we are

Locatory.com is an aviation IT company primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator. It offers the most innovative tools for aircraft parts procurement and exploration via a broad aviation marketplace it manages.

Locatory.com is a part of Avia Solutions Group, an international aerospace business group with 38 subsidiaries worldwide, providing MRO services, pilot & crew training and recruitment, ground handling & aircraft fueling, aircraft management, business charter, as well as aviation IT solutions.

Our customer base

Locatory.com aircraft parts locator was established in 2010 to fulfil the growing demand of aircraft spare parts in aviation marketplace of emerging markets. As Russia’s, CIS’s and other markets’ needs were above the possible abilities, our company decided to penetrate those needs and expectations.

During these years fleet has been significantly changing from Russian built to Western built type aircraft, especially rapidly in emerging markets. Now Locatory.com is widely spread across the world and has its clients in all continents. 

#1 in the Eastern Hemisphere

Locatory.com is #1 aircraft parts marketplace in the Eastern hemisphere and one of the 3 largest premium aircraft parts locator companies in the world.

Even though initially Locatory.com provided only aircraft parts locating services, it has extremely evolved and widened its list of logistics and procurement solutions.

Locatory.com is recognized as the most innovative IT company in aviation aftermarket. The solutions provided by our company engineers have been widely adopted and made a solid impact on our clients supply availability, cost avoidance, methods and tools that increase the speed at which procurement transactions are executed.

Game-changer to the aviation aftermarket

The company provides a complete aviation aftermarket-related platform covering desktop and online applications. In 2012 Locatory.com introduced the Supplier Management Tool - a tool created exceptionally for buyers.

In addition to multiple other functions the Supplier Management Tool also brought the ability to add your trusted suppliers to a separate list and create a “best in class” supplier network.

In 2014 Locatory.com presented a game-changer to the aviation aftermarket industry by introducing Artificial Intelligence-based Engine called Amber. The tool was created to speed up the process of finding aircraft spare parts and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) services