Outstanding customer support

Outstanding customer support

Probably each and every one of you know Amazon. It is well know for being a customer driven company. So is Locatory.com. We perceive our customers as the most valuable asset. That is why we provide oustanding customer support in order to constantly improve and make our customers satisfied.

Our proactive customer support is the key to your success while operating in Locatory.com marketplace.

Free online training

We provide our customers with free initial and recurring training. Our initial training is dedicated to introducing new customers with the provided work space and tools for efficient work. Free recurring training is devoted to introducing new abilities and services provided by Locatory.com platform.

Fresh data and we mean it

On top of that, outstanding customer support of Locatory.com offers proactive calls for stock updates in order to keep the data as fresh as possible.

Constantly growing

Locatory.com proactive customer support offers great service, and great customer support requires a lot of efforts. So we decided to dedicate as many customer support representatives as it is needed to maintain superior customer support quality.