Up to 90% of Mi-8/17 spares and components

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 Locatory.com platform is translated into Russian, Spanish, Chinese languages which really matters (in most cases people speak only the local language). 

 Customer support representatives speak Russian, Spanish, English, which makes it possible to serve, provide training, solve problems with client in their language. 

 Platform supports and understands Cyrillic and automatically converts PNs written in Latin letters into Cyrillic and vice versa.

Mi-8/17 traders and operators

Russian Federation, UAE, Serbia, Malaysia, UK, USA, Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, India, Nepal South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, Belgium, Venezuela, Switzerland, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Chile, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan

Why Locatory.com?

Up to 5 times shorterlead time rather than ordering from manufacturer

15% growth of existing Mi-8/17 database every month

20% of worldwide Mi-8/17 market already presented and still growing

Traders buying and selling both Russian and Western built spare parts



  • Search for unlimited amount of Mi-8/17 spares or capabilities
  • Save money immediately with access to more Mi-8/17 suppliers
  • Automate the RFQ sending process to approved vendors and keep track of it
  • Find new business partners with the help of public announcement tool “Express billboard”
  • Save on logistics costs by selecting the closest warehouse location
  • Locate spare parts & repair capabilities of Mi-8/17 helicopters and any other aircraft
  • Search for automatically converted PNs written in Latin letters into Cyrillic and vice versa


  • List unlimited amount of stock
  • Upload inventory. It can be executed by Locatory.com customer support
  • Get a Public website optimized for Yandex, Google and Yahoo for free and increase online visibility
  • Advertise proactively with the help of public announcement tool Express billboard
  • Specify warehouses location in different regions
  • Sell inventory and services only to the selected countries
  • List and sell PNs written either in Latin letters or in Cyrillic, as they are being automatically converted

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