Locatory.com at IATA Financial Mobilization


This week, Indre Bagaviciute, the CCO of Locatory.com, participated in IATA Financial Mobilization workshop. The event took place in Geneva, Switzerland and lasted for two days. During the event, e-invoice - an integrated invoicing, collection and settlement solution for air navigation and airport fees and charges – has been introduced. Apart from IATA presenting its work, progress and future plans, presentations were given by such companies as Servier, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, TuiFly and Lufthansa. “My goal was to meet the airlines as well as to expand my knowledge about the e-invoice platform and the whole payment process, and I must say the trip was truly productive in both these regards. Firstly, I gained a lot of knowledge on how e-invoice can help in speeding up many processes while saving time and resources,” shared the experience CCO of Locatory.com.

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