Locatory.com launches Artificial Intelligence-based service!


This week Locatory.com launched its new revolutionary tool, which is here to change the aircraft spare parts search processes! The tool is named Amber and it acts as an artificial intelligence-based spare parts procurement assistant who understands human language. Capable of recognizing part numbers, quantities and conditions as well as producing automatic inventory availability reports and sending out RFQs in just few clicks, it significantly facilitates the search processes, all via a simple e-mail.

“We have made customer support the core component of our new product. You can contact Amber A.I. by conducting simple ordinary actions: write an e-mail, containing the relevant information or forwarding a request. Moreover, the e-mail doesn’t have to be written specifically for Amber A.I.: you can add Amber A.I. in a copy of your ordinary e-mail to any of your suppliers, and it will automatically extend your search with the capabilities of Locatory.com marketplace. It may sound incredible, yet it is true. Amber A.I. is a real breakthrough in aviation spare parts procurement, and I am extremely proud and thankful for all those, who made this achievement possible,” shares his excitement Zilvinas Sadauskas, the CEO of Locatory.com.

Visit and learn more about Amber A. I. tool.

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