Locatory.com offers secure payment transactions for their marketplace clients


New integrated service of secure payment transactions was launched this week by aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities marketplace Locatory.com. Users of Locatory.com platform will receive one more solution to optimize business processes by offering support with their transactions.

A new feature of the marketplace will support customers of Locatory.com with their every payment while making deals with unknown partners or customers from new regions or countries. They can rely on the service for all their transactions. Locatory.com will be giving guarantees, clear rules and details of procedures for customers with their deals.

The service of secure transactions will be carried out by Escrow.com, one of the leading providers of escrow services online. Escrow.com has experience and expertise in offering customers the trust, comfort and higher security for their transactions and serves a wide range of global customers. Online provider operates with such global markets as Ebay, GlobalTradeConnect.com, and National Equipment Register and works with such brands as Autotrader, CNS, FedEx and etc.

“If you have anything of value to sell or purchase online, like aircraft spare parts, you would want to make sure the transaction will absolutely go through. Locatory.com's partnership with Escrow.com's provides secure online transactions, without chargebacks, for Locatory.com's users”, says Matt Barrie, CEO of Escrow.com.

“Losing of a spare part because the buyer didn’t pay or paying for the spare part which is never delivered happens in some cases and that makes both, suppliers and buyers take a risk. That is why we have chosen to support our clients with secure payment transactions. We want our community to feel safe and warranted about their deals on the marketplace. Escrow.com is one of the leading providers of such services. Moreover, they are offering an affiliate program that could be integrated with our online marketplace to automatically complete for secure transactions through their system”, comments Dainius Meilunas, CEO of Locatory.com.

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