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New technologies in aviation industry are developing fast as time goes by, which means businesses are getting easier and more convenient to manage. That leads to greater efficiency and more positive results.

Along with the all those innovations came business process automation. It has emerged as a way to carry out a variety of tasks automatically, where manual input is no longer necessary. ERP Transfer is an ideal way to automate your business processes if cutting costs and increasing productivity are relevant matters to you.

Which processes can be chosen for automation?

Not all processes can be automated – some of them are simply not appropriate for that. The process subject to be automated is usually repetitive in nature. It shouldn’t require logical thinking or human intervention in order to be completed. It’s essential for the process to be error-free and have consistency across the organization. Business process automation can be applied only if these requirements are fully met.

What are the benefits of business process automation?

The benefits of business process automation are countless - reducing operational costs, which increases profitability is one of the main reasons. Transferring basic tasks from human resources to automated services saves employees’ time allowing them to engage their brain into more specific, important functions and strategic development. This means all regular tasks that are predictable won’t have to be brought up regularly any more, which leads to improved productivity.

Automating business processes has been proved to boost employee morale. Regardless the kind of business in aviation industry, the goal is always to maximize the output. In order to achieve the desired results, companies tend to extend the employee’s working hours, which may affect their morale. Once they lose the sense of purpose doing repetitive tasks, their engagement is lost. They may give their time to the organization, but not much effort. Automating certain processes can bring their sense of purpose and feeling that they add value to the organization back.

As technology has been having major advancements, the customer service provided by it has progressed and become undoubtedly reliable. Having automated customer service in the company means reduced costs usually needed for support team management and can ensure more accurate assist to users.

Besides surpassed performance and efficiency, it also increases availability and enforces governance.

Why ERP Transfer? How is it different from others?

ERP Transfer is a technically robust and precise software based on an Artificial Intelligence engine, which ensures speed and performance with no drops.

Accurate and reliable ERP Transfer reduces human errors, increases transparency and boosts efficiency in our business by 1200%. The tool helps to manage high-volume RFQ transfers and allows sales and procurement professionals in the world of aviation to avoid repetitive tasks and focus on choosing more deals.

How does it work?

It is fast and easy to implement. As it is integrated in Outlook, all you need to get started is to install Outlook plugin and use credentials to login. After receiving an email quote in Outlook, you can choose how you want to process it, as a vendor quotation or as a customer quotation. Once you click the button of your choice, ERP Transfer automatically imports all details into your ERP system. Artificial intelligence mechanism recognises part number, quantity, condition, description and manufacturer from the email content. Nevertheless, it summarizes all in a single form, which means that RFQs and quotations from your emails can be received in various formats: Excel, PDF, Word, Txt. ERP Transfer also provides convenient processed data overview.

The tool automatically searches and finds customer contact details and spare parts availability in your ERP system and imports all found information into the quote. If spare parts information is not found in your ERP system, Amber artificial intelligence mechanism searches for spare parts on marketplace and imports found details into the ERP system quote. All this is processed automatically, and all you have to do is check the final document and click confirm if you are happy with it to process it further.

If optimizing business processes to the highest possible standard in order to achieve the extraordinary results is important to you and your organization, ERP Transfer has your back. Improve consistency and reliability of RFQ process management!

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