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Fast and easy discover any type of aircraft parts for all types of Western and Russian build aircraft and helicopters in general, commercial and military aviation.


  • Tools adapted to AOG situations
  • Spare parts of all types of aircraft and helicopters available
  • For commercial, general and military aviation
  • Unlimited searches and listing of inventory or repairs
  • Search not only by Part Number but by the description as well


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Make better decisions, Simplify and Increase the efficiency of your purchasing process eliminating time-consuming actions.

  • Easy navigation and faster process of vendor’s management
  • Unified platform for RFQ distribution to all vendors and more
  • Find the perfect match of price-time-quality with no effort, Compare Items and Always Make the Best Choice.
  • Integrated purchase orders management system
  • Negotiate the best conditions indicating its preferred payment terms and method of payment, lead time and preferences in spare part condition, discuss logistics questions and certificate requirements. Stay tuned for all and every action by advanced notification system


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Boost exposure of your products, upload your inventory for sale.

  • Attract Unique customers
  • Upload your inventory with no limits or extra charges
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  • Real time inventory listing and ERP system integration for quotes management is available



Keep the pulse of the latest valuable trends. Find out what is in most demand, what aircraft parts are most hard to find, how to turn the direction of business development.

Uncover market opportunities
Guarantee sales analyzing demand
Evaluate ROI analyzing the performance
Monitor users activity
Take over colleagues’ deals when increased work volume

Inventory historical demand
  • Searches amount for exact Aircraft Part number
  • Customers business type who search for Aircraft Part number
  • Customer location who search for Aircraft Part number 

Inventory competition report
  • Which aircraft part numbers from your inventory are listed by other companies
  • Which aircraft part numbers from your inventory are unique and not listed by other companies

Market trends report
  • The most requested parts in locatory.com over the selected date range (with description and/or condition)
  • The most requested repair capabilities in locatory.com over the selected date range
  • Demand for spare parts by condition over selected date range
  • TOP hard to find parts over selected date range