Development of unique IT Solutions

Locatory.com became a famous software developer of the specific niche IT solutions tailored exclusively for aviation companies needs in the huge aviation industry.

Optimize your business processes with advanced technologies, professional development team, and expertise and know-how in the aviation sector.

Reduce gap between business process management and IT
React instantly to your business process change and apply adjustment easily
Monitor and analyze all and every step of the process based on real statistics data


Benefit from our ready made products

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Solutions developed by our experienced specialists in partnership with various aviation companies

  • ERP system for MROs
  • Systems and database integration solutions
  • HR modules to monitor and raise employees’ efficiency
  • Procurement process optimizing tools
  • Sales process automation tool based on Oracle BPM and Locatory BPM framework
  • Spare parts issuing from warehouse control software
  • Customer communication, control, and confirmation software
  • Online shopping platform for self-owned inventory