Boost work performance with ERP Transfer

Significantly save man-hours by processing more data - the amount of collected data increases by 1200%.


Features and benefits:

• Technically robust and precise Transfer ERP is based on a robust Artificial Intelligence engine which ensures speed and performance with no drops.

• Automated parts search ERP Transfer includes Amber A.I. tool. Installed in the emails, Amber A.I. is designed to simplify spare parts search process. It automatically identifies and parses part numbers, quantities and conditions from sent or received emails, connects with database and sends an email back with the information needed

• Suggests data input Transfer ERP saves time and auto-suggests when entering data into an input field such as client name, part number descriptions, etc.

• Instant search Allows to instantly search for the information on spare aircraft parts marketplace.

• Summarizes all in a single form RFQs and quotations from your emails can be received in various formats: Excel, PDF, Word, Txt.

• Better visibility ERP Transfer provides convenient processed data overview.

• Fast and easy to implement All you need to get started is to install Outlook plugin and use credentials to login.

How it works:


After receiving an email quote in Outlook, you can choose how you want to process it, as a vendor quotation or as a customer quotation. Once you click the button of your choice, ERP Transfer automatically imports all details into your ERP system. Artificial intelligence mechanism recognises part number, quantity, condition, description and manufacturer from the email content. It also reads attachments: Excel, PDF, Word, Txt. ERP Transfer uploads all information in your ERP system into customer quotation form.

The tool automatically searches and finds customer contact details and spare parts availability in your ERP system and imports all found information into the quote. If spare parts information is not found in your ERP system, Amber artificial intelligence mechanism searches for spare parts on marketplace and imports found details into the ERP system quote. All this is processed automatically, and all you have to do is check the final document and click confirm if you are happy with it to process it further.

Save time by processing bigger amounts of data

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