Manage your parts online

  • One by one
  • Upload an Excel file
  • Put on FTP server
  • Send it to our customer support and we'll do it for you


Manage your component repair capabilities online

Global exposure of what you do will give you a better competitive edge and will create a higher demand for your services. List all your repair capabilities and extend your exposure via Locatory.com

  • One by one
  • Upload an excel file
  • Send to our customer support


Set up warehouse location

  • To indicate where the stock is
  • Conveniently manage separate inventory lists in different warehouses

Logistics is one of the most crucial element in aviation aftermarket and it is very important to know the exact location of the parts needed and as soon as possible. Manage your warehouses and inventory in every warehouse separately.


Inventory groups for even easier RFQ distribution

Inventory groups are provided for easier RFQ distribution to different teams inside the company


Create a public catalog under Locatory.com

Create your own website and catalog under Locatory.com. We systemically and persistently work to optimize our customers custom catalogs for the most popular search engines worldwide.

  • Set up marketing material: logo, header, texts.
  • Pick a link name as Locatory.com/catalog/YOUR-NAME/
  • Catalog is available even for non locatory.com members
  • It is distributed across all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo.
  • Parts and capabilities become searchable on Search engines


Manage distribution channels

  • Restrict inventory visibility to selected countries if by any chance you cannot sell or ship in that region
  • Easily pick from a list and get a map of availability


Manage your watchlist

Haven’t found the parts you need? Do not want to give up so easy? Just add them to your watchlist and get an instant email notification when the needed parts appear in Locatory.com marketplace.