Automated RFQ mailing system

Locatory.com introduces the Supplier Management Tool - a unified RFQ mailing system. The tool enables you to send structured RFQs to all your approved vendor emails with only 3 easy steps. You will also be able to send all of these RFQs to every supplier in the Locatory.com marketplace who has the part that you need.


Manage suppliers

With Supplier Management Tool you will have an option to add emails of your preferred vendors and choose the demanded suppliers from Locatory.com users list. Additionally, you can add names of sales representatives and companies in order to filter the right suppliers easier.

Supplier Management Tool gives you the ability to group vendors for  more convenient execution in the marketplace. For example, you can create such groups as A320 rotables, B737 consumables etc.

And all this management of vendors and vendor groups is made simple with the drag & drop function.


Setup approved vendors for whole company profile

The Supplier Management Tool allows your administrator to setup approved vendor emails for single or all colleagues. There is also the ability to restrict someone from sending emails to others. You will have the possibility to easily synchronize mailing lists to ease the process of sending RFQs.


Step 1 - Fill in the parts needed

In this step you only have to fill in empty fields that require information about the part. Add part number, its description, quantity, conditions, certificates and priority manually.

You can also input all requested data by pasting the information from an external source or upload an Excel file to automatically fill the whole table.


Step 2 - Choose the vendors

As mentioned above, for sending RFQs to right vendors, you can pick them from your own approved vendors list and also instantly get Locatory.com marketplace list of all available suppliers and choose the ones you prefer.


Step 3 - Review and send your RFQ

After suppliers for sending RFQs were chosen, you are almost done. You can add additional comments, deadline after which answers will be rejected (date by which answers will be accepted) and optionally enter your reference number for easier search later on.