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Locatory.com and DASI Announce Partnership Agreement to Enhance Aviation Inventory Management

2024-07-08 / 2 min
partnership with DASI

Locatory.com is pleased to announce the start of its partnership with DASI, a leading provider of aircraft inventory solutions. This collaboration brings together over 30 years of combined experience, aiming to provide enhanced support to airlines, MROs, OEMs, and distributors worldwide.

By joining forces, Locatory.com and DASI will combine their expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the aviation sector. This collaboration leverages Locatory.com’s industry knowledge and DASI’s extensive global reach and commitment to speed and ease of use.

Based in Miami, Florida, with service centers in key locations such as London and Singapore, DASI serves customers in over 140 countries. Known for their dedication to providing an exceptional online shopping experience, DASI’s scalable solutions and integrated support team ensure flexibility and growth for clients. Their inventory includes more than 40 million distinct aircraft consumables, expendables, and rotables sourced from channel partnerships, aircraft teardowns, bulk, and restock purchases.

DASI holds extensive stock for a wide range of aircraft models, including competitively priced spares for Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and Bombardier commercial platforms, as well as many regional aircraft. With an inventory of over 600,000 lines encompassing these 40 million distinct items in their 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse, DASI ensures clients have access to the parts they need, when they need them.

This partnership offers numerous benefits, including reduced inventory costs by preventing overstocking and minimizing emergency procurement, improved part utilization through enhanced obsolescence management and cost savings, and optimized resource management that empowers airlines, MROs, OEMs, and distributors to manage resources more efficiently. By ensuring a reliable supply of spare parts, this collaboration helps maintain operational excellence and keeps aircraft operational.

As the leading online marketplace for aviation-related needs, Locatory.com is committed to providing airlines and MROs with the tools and support necessary to optimize spare parts management strategies. Our comprehensive inventory management solutions, coupled with our industry expertise, ensure that every aircraft remains ready for operation. By combining our strengths, Locatory.com and DASI are dedicated to enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes for our customers. This new partnership represents a shared commitment to delivering high-quality services and products, fostering long-term success in the aviation industry.

Locatory.com and DASI are excited to work together to provide superior solutions for the aviation sector. This collaboration signifies our commitment to supporting our clients with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective inventory management.

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