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Locatory.com Partners with AOG-247 to Deliver Comprehensive Engine Support Solutions

2024-07-01 / 2 min
AOG 247 and Locatory.com CEOs

Leading aviation marketplace Locatory.com has joined forces with AOG-247, a company specializing in technical support solutions and services for aircraft engines. This strategic partnership aims to provide airlines, lessors, and asset owners with a complete solution for their engine needs.

David Bradley, CEO of AOG-247 further emphasizes on the benefits of such collaboration: “We are looking forward to working with the Locatory.com platform and utilizing its excellent capabilities and offerings.  With our complete AOG-247 inventory listing available on Locatory.com we will provide a complete support offering to the ever-growing network that Locatory.com is providing.”

AOG-247 brings to the table extensive experience in the aviation industry, particularly regarding supplying and managing TRENT 700 used engine and LRU material. They boast a well-established reputation for their in-depth knowledge and capabilities.

With multiple TRENT 700 engines currently in teardown/repair stage, AOG-247 is well positioned to support the ever-growing global demand for the TRENT 700 engine type. Their recent expansion into the UK and Germany, complete with in-house teardown capabilities, further strengthens their support network and allows for swift AOG shipments.

The company’s core strength lies in their technical expertise which lets them provide a truly cost-effective solution. Through a vast partner network and continuous investments, AOG-247 acquires engine assets to support any lease, purchase, exchange, or AOG requirement. Their team, with a proven track record of working successfully with airlines, lessors, MROs, and OEM companies, offers a creative, flexible, and highly specialized approach.

AOG-247 offers a comprehensive suite of engine support services, including engine fleet management, engine repair management, pre-purchase asset inspections, record reviews, appraisals, on-wing and BSI support, warranty management, and spare engine solutions.

AOG-247‘s engine support services are particularly beneficial for airlines seeking cost-effective and predictable technical solutions for their fleets. Their expertise eliminates the need for reactive maintenance approaches, offering instead a well-defined and efficient process for work scoping, managing shop visits, and material provisioning.

Toma Matutytė, CEO of Locatory.com has expressed further enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are delighted to cooperate with AOG-247 and provide our extensive network with access to their unparalleled engine support solutions. This partnership strengthens Locatory.com‘s ability to serve as a one-stop shop for all our clients’ aviation needs.

This partnership caters to a variety of clients. Start-up airlines with limited technical teams and experience in engine maintenance can benefit from AOG-247‘s valuable support. Expanding airlines incorporating new aircraft variants or looking to optimize their engine fleet management processes can leverage AOG-247‘s expertise. Airlines nearing the expiration of their OEM engine total care contracts can find alternative solutions through AOG-247. Similarly, asset owners and leasing companies can address their mid-to-end-of-life support needs through AOG-247‘s services.

This collaboration between AOG-247 and Locatory.com signifies a significant step forward in providing comprehensive support for engine users. With AOG-247‘s deep technical expertise and Locatory.com‘s extensive marketplace reach, airlines, lessors, brokers, distributors, and asset owners can now access a one-stop solution for even more engine needs.

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