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A global online aviation spare parts and repair capabilities’ marketplace has announced signing a cooperation agreement with the prominent MRO provider VD Gulf.

Based on terms of this freshly inked agreement, VD Gulf will have access to all the innovative tools designed to facilitate smooth parts procurement transactions whilst maintaining comprehensive control of the associated safety, costs and optimum logistics. By utilizing the platform, the MRO will be able to safely procure and sell aircraft inventory in multiple international markets and thus expand its business development opportunities.

“With an increasing focus on establishing the solid presence in the Middle East, VD Gulf, serving both Western- and Russian- built aircraft for operators across numerous locations in Europe and Russia, had been looking for a trustworthy partner that can offer innovative IT solutions to facilitate its self-consistent expansion. The fact that the MRO decided to opt for our services is a clear indicator that our solutions truly stand out and we have deservingly earned our place in the top 3 list of providers worldwide,” says Dainius Meilunas, the CEO of

Aside from parts and consumables supply services, VD Gulf offers line and base maintenance, component repair, component and sheet metal repair, aviation training, technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing, engineering support, certification and other services.

“Our primary interest is in creating the utmost added value without compromising on safety to our clients worldwide. This means that we must partner up with the service providers who can offer the most efficient solutions at the optimum price-quality point. Having thoroughly done our homework, we have decided that is the provider that can meet all of our exigent demands,” commented Mikhail Khoroshaev, VD Gulf Director-General.

Having recently introduced brand new shipping and secure payment services on the market, is anticipating a further increase in interest from airlines and MRO companies looking to optimize their business and enterprise resource planning processes.

About VD Gulf (UAE) FZC:

Established back in 1996, VD Gulf is a prominent independent MRO based near Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah, the UAE. High-quality services delivered by professional personnel are the key factors in the company’s long-standing success in the MRO market. The 22,000 sq. m. hangar facility commissioned in the first quarter of 2013 allows for concurrent accommodation of six narrow-body aircraft and two Boeing 747-size wide-body aircraft. The hangar features all the necessary equipment and docking, as well as a high-performance ventilation and air conditioning system. The facility is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to perform heavy base maintenance together with the required back shops. Holding approvals from EASA and other authorities for line and base maintenance services, VD Gulf services Boeing 747-400, 737 CL and 737NG as well as Airbus A320 Family aircraft.

VD Gulf is an approved Boeing 747 maintenance solutions provider servicing airlines and aircraft owners from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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