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Locatory‘s Shipping Service – Convenient Approach to Spare Parts Delivery

2020-09-09 / 3 min
Ordering of spare parts

Searching and ordering of spare parts is a common and daily operation for most MROs and airlines. There is one key element in this procedure that everyone looks over until the time comes – the shipping of goods. This service is rarely a big problem for the biggest companies that do massive orders through their partners.

However, shipping can become quite a headache for smaller market players, especially money and resources wise. When the time is of the essence and the funds are limited, finding a good and cheaper logistics partner becomes a challenge. Such problems can be solved by specific solutions, developed by other market players.

A vast network of partners saves time and money

An aviation IT company Locatory.com, primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator, is constantly expanding its service portfolio. A year ago, the company introduced its Shipping service, which has already received an extremely good evaluation from the clients. “When we first started using Locatory shipping, employees were very helpful and walked us through all the steps. Everything was great since we started using the service to ship everything to and from overseas! You seriously can’t beat Locatory’s prices!” said Heather King, Executive Administrative Assistant at Five Star Aviation.

Locatory.com worked many years to gather a vast network of partners around the world for shipping services, thus creating a global network for goods transfer. This gives the company a possibility to provide very specific and lower prices for every single client. For example, a standard price for Express shipping of 10 kg package, 40x35x35cm, from one of the logistics company on route Miami, US to Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, would cost 345,27 USD. Locatory.com, using its extensive relationship with its partners, would be able to provide the same service with the same logistics company for 143,8 USD. This exemplary price would be offered to every client, even the smallest ones.

“There is no doubt, that if some Lithuanian company would need to order parts here in Lithuania, they would contact local logistics company since there is no time gap, the knowledge of the market is better. However, for an American company it would be much more difficult to find reliable logistics partners in Lithuania. And this is where we come in. Our extensive knowledge and know-how allowed us to combine a great network of shipping partners. Our partners are located all around the world from Australia to the US, India to Brazil, Lithuania to South Africa. I believe that this service contributes to the highest user experience for all our clients, which grants a better end result satisfaction for everyone. We specifically developed this service to suit the needs even of the smallest clients, so they would save their time and money,” says Dainius Meilunas, CEO at Locatory.com.

Shipping service oriented in safety and quality

Locatory.com works every day to make its service more approachable and of best quality to their clients, including to when it comes to ordering of spare parts. Besides the price of the service itself, the company’s representatives are always ready to provide with any needed information on the package. Parcel tracking is one of the important features of the service. Rather many logistics companies do not give the information on the whereabouts of the goods, however, Locatory’s managers always require their partners to provide with the positioning of goods, including when they are ordering of spare parts. “We noticed that not all logistics companies provide their clients with this capability, so we are constantly working with our partners on cargo status, allowing us to present constant update sto our clients. Even in an unexpected situations, our managers are extremely experienced and know how to handle difficult situations,” says Asta Svilainyte, Key Account Logistics Manager at Locatory.com

The company serves its clients not just with regular goods. It can also provide with the partners that would help to ship heavy cargos, containers, and dangerous goods across the world. The service is very extensive, giving the opportunity on not just ordering the shipping service but also in preparing the documentation, declarations, custom clearance, labeling and packing. Besides that, having partners all over the world who knows all major languages, the company’s representatives can communicate with the senders in their native tongue, which allows Locatory.com to become a bridge between countries and continents.

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