Our market

Aviation is a crucial part of the increasingly globalised world economy. With dynamism at its forefront, the industry is unique from the point of view that it constantly demands rapid reaction to the ever changing business environment, yet remains beset by logistical constraints. has aimed to address these issues by drawing enhanced solutions to supply chain management, fostering stronger industry networks and the faster delivery of essential parts and services. Faster delivery is achieved by employing advanced e-commerce and data processing solutions. Process optimization also speeds up the process of listing or procuring parts in the market. However, is different in that it delves into the lucrative but largely difficult-to-access emerging markets, thereby affording its users the world of opportunities.

E-commerce & supply chain solutions

With a government driven focus on high added-value products and services, our location allows us to keep abreast of new ideas and changes flowing through the IT industry.

Geography is a global company but also maintains a special focus on the largely untapped potential of the emerging markets. In line with this, the platform supports the full spectrum of aircraft types, jets and helicopters.

Business processes optimization solutions specializes not only in the aircraft spare parts marketplace tools, but also in new IT solutions for efficient, optimized and time-savvy performance. We are always looking for new opportunities to make our customers’ work as fluent as it is possible.

Aviation parts types

  • Engine parts
  • Airframe parts
  • Line replaceable units (LRUs)
  • Components
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs)
  • Engines
  • Landing gears
  • Consumables
  • Expendables
  • Materials
  • Fluids
  • Fixed wing aircraft parts
  • Rotary wing & helicopter aircraft parts
  • Turbine engine parts
  • Piston engine parts
  • Life limited parts (LLPs)
  • Avionics
  • Hardware
  • Ground support equipment (GSE)
  • Tooling, tools & instruments
  • Wheels & brakes
  • Rotables
  • PMA & OEM

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