Amber A.I.

Amber A.I. – an artificial intelligence-based tool for procurement and logistics managers. It automatically identifies and parses part numbers, quantities and conditions from your sent emails and monitors database. Amber A.I. Instantly reports on spare parts availability with the two-click distribution of RFQs to all suitable suppliers. Get instant results, sending or forwarding your emails to

Download our Outlook Plugin for the best performance.

Amber A.I. Plugin

Works directly with your email
Provides paste search for ad hoc needs
Gives the ability to process only the chosen part of text
Gives the ability to choose where to display the results
Processes all the attached files at once or one by one
Automates your spare parts searching processes
Sends spare parts availability report immediately
Delivers RFQs on your behalf to all or chosen vendors
Amber A.I. Assistant


Focus on results, not the workload