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Through the integration of online solutions at Marketplace, shipping services are cost-saving, and convenient. It is a easy to sell, buy, and ship using the same platform. Also, it can be arranged throughout active Customer Support team. Partnership with global transportation leaders allows to offer competitive prices that can reduce shipping costs and make a solid impact on the bottom-line figures.

Shipping Insurance Services

Get reimbursed when your parcels are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit

Wherever parcels are transported, a variety of risks can happen throughout the transport chain for the owner of the parcel. Due to that, if your parcels are of great material value, choose insurance to cover against the risks. offers shipping insurance services through an extensive network of international insurance companies. provides insurance management expertise unique in the industry, with the commitment and skills that come from a diverse client list.

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We partnered with international shipping companies to offer convenient logistics services across the globe, now covering shipments worldwide!

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