Amber A.I. Plugin for your MS Outlook – Find Aircraft Parts and send RFQ‘s by single click straight from your mailbox

Our comprehensive array of services is being continuously enhanced to keep you at the forefront of changes in the aircraft aftermarket. At present, we offer members the following useful features:

Express Billboard to inform other users about ad-hoc needs and special offers

You can have hard to solve cases or search for hard to find parts; you can have bulk offers or surplus to sell. There were even cases when companies were selling aircraft via our express billboard. It is a magnificent tool in your portfolio.

Instant messaging and integrated emailing

To make the communication even more convenient, we have integrated instant messaging and emailing into the platform. Small chat regarding the business is always a pleasure.

Automated purchase order

After getting a great quote you can issue a purchase order right via Locatory.

Convenient report conversion to PDF, MS Excel

Most of the reports and information available at Locatory can be downloaded in PDF or Excel. It is always convenient to do some extra slices of data on Excel.

Part number watch list

Planning a C check? You know in advance that you will need some hard to find part and at this moment it is not available?

Use our watch list and be automatically informed when some supplier will upload it for sales.

Part number auto complete

If you do not know an exact part number our auto complete function will give you suggestions on possible results.

Search auto inform function

Our intelligent notification system will automatically inform you if the part numbers you searched during 7 days are now available on Locatory.


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