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Market Analytics Tool


Many aircraft parts suppliers are researching the market, and always want to know more about the important market trends.

What is in most demand, what aircraft parts are most hard to find, how to turn the direction of business development. Locatory provides tools for keeping the pulse of the latest valuable trends.

The latest trending aircraft parts

Top 100 searched part numbers are available with a single click on the platform. You will be able to get statistics for the last week, month, 3 months and even 6 months! With no additional charges of course.

All reports can be easily exported to pdf or excel files.

Demand by conditions

New parts vs. used parts, what is in the biggest demand? What to expect from the market?

Find the answers with our market analytics tool.

Need a detailed breakdown by concrete aircraft parts conditions? It is also available under „Demand by conditions"section.

Top 20 hard to find aircraft parts

Would you like to know wanting part numbers which were constantly searched on the marketplace with no luck?

Do you have these parts available in your warehouse but they are not listed yet? Well hurry up, because somebody is struggling in finding it!

Top 20 hard to find parts represent list of part numbers which were constantly searched by our customers for the last 3 months.

Company statistics

At Locatory you will always know your company‘s condition. In the section „company statistics"you will get historical data about the following key performance indicators:

  • Amount of all part numbers of your company
  • Quantity of all part numbers of your company
  • Amount of inventory updates made of your company
  • Amount of searches made for your part numbers
  • Amount of received RFQs of your company
  • Amount of RFQs your company has sent
  • Amount of not assigned RFQs of your company

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