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  • Enter Air
    Piotr Kocyk / Purchasing and Logistics Manager

    In the current purchasing strategy of Enter Air it is essential to ensure efficient and quick information that is necessary to coordinate the purchase process covering spare parts, equipment and materials. Thanks to high quality service provided by we can have an easy access to all data that finally have an impact on quick decision which gives us an advantage on the market. This enable us to improve financial performance that translates on general growth of the airline.

    Using the system is simple and transparent which has also an influence on work efficiency. Locatory provides excellent access to suppliers as well as opportunities for a comparison and choose the most convenient offer.

    We are also pleased with the support provided by a professional staff of . If it's necessary we obtain on time relevant information that enable to solve all the issues.

    We hope for a further good and fruitful cooperation in the future.

  • Rossiya Airlines
    Sidorov A.V. / Deputy Technical Director

    Present days aviation spares purchasing and logistics appreciates speed of response, accuracy of information, volume of available data and positive thinking. These are the criteria "Rossiya Airlines" OJSC relies upon while choosing partners and services for spares supplies.

    While searching the diverse aviation spares market, we need the quickest, most accurate information about the parts of the best quality. And we are happy to inform you that "" delivers it in a blink of an eye.

    "" has been our partner for 1.5 years, and hasn't given a single reason to be unpleased with its work. Its spare parts search engine proved to be a reliable and professional assistant for our everyday needs. The accuracy and completeness of information is very impressive, as well as the market coverage. Furthermore, the company's staff is friendly, persistent and goal oriented, which makes the relationship with "" even more pleasing.

    We hope to continue this beneficial relationship further and with "" future growth, development and prosperity for their, and hence our, good.

  • Kyrgyzstan Aircompany
    Zh.T. Bekturganov / General Director

    In order to provide spare parts, equipment and supplies for aircrafts "Kyrgyzstan Aircompany" JSC appreciates the time and quality of the goods. We are well aware that the current age, the age of new technologies and opportunities in connection with these 6 months ago we began working with "" during this short period we have made sure that we made the right choice.

    Thanks to high-quality service delivered by "" our company has achieved a new level of purchases and sales of aircraft spare parts.This search service is very easy to use, it allows you to respond quickly and effectively, to find spare parts, equipment and materials, alsoit makes possible to analyze the aviation market and to make monitoring of prices around the world.

    "" provides many options to work with suppliers and repair organizations, which is clearly reflected in the financial performance of the airline. We appreciate working with "".We would especially like to acknowledge the competent, responsible and professional staff of "".We are very pleased and grateful for the sincere conscientious attitude and understanding, and for the good working relationship between our companies.

    We hope for a continuation of the successful cooperation for the benefit of our common interests, as well as a further increase in performance achieved by working together.

    We wish your company's success and prosperity!

  • Fokker Services B.V.
    Manfred Hoogenboom / Director e-Business Development

    In addition to the other online marketplaces in the aviation industry, Locatory adds value to the sales and sourcing channels of Fokker Services by providing access to new customers and suppliers operating in certain regions and emerging markets.

  • Small Planet Airlines
    Virgilijus Pliaukste / Technical Director

    We trust for their database of hard to find parts. Following a broken passenger window AOG situation in Egypt, we successfully found one through, having searched a number of other suppliers in vain.

  • Wencor, LLC
    Giedrė Matačiūnaitė / Account Manager

    Throughout our cooperation the team has demonstrated its leading know-how, creativity and excellent commitment to high quality aviation inventory and repair services' trading.

    We express our gratitude to the team, their guidance and assistance. Truly personal approach of the team have made our cooperation a very positive experience thus without any hesitation we recommend as a reliable supply chain partner.

  • AAR Parts Trading, Inc.
    Kimberly Holland / Project Manager Trade Compliance IERP

    AAR is very pleased with the results of our subscription to your site. We have developed new relationships with customers we previously had not dealt with due to their geographical location.

    Your site is extremely user friendly, and the support has been outstanding.

    We look forward to continuing our relationship in the years ahead.


  • Leki Aviation
    Bjarne Weber / Area Sales Manager

    Throughout my career in aviation business I have been working with companies in the emerging markets. With I can approach these markets a lot easier, especially due to the language barrier eliminated by multi-lingual website.

    As a broker, a distributor and a repair facility Leki Aviation has a lot of various aspects to market. is a perfect partner for us creating a lot of business relations in the emerging markets, as if having an agent on-call.

    Since meeting Locatory team I have received an excellent service, ever since. They ensure that I can develop my business in the emerging markets. But, most importantly they help me do it faster and more efficiently compared to my competitors. I should say, with Locatory I get a competitive advantage. has shown that there is a world of business available in the emerging markets and together we are embracing it.

    And... You gotta love Captain Locatory videos.

  • SomonAir
    Robert Bryant / Director of Engineering and Maintenance

    Locatory helps Somon Air to obtain the best quote of price and availability in the shortest possible time. It is particularly convenient in a young Airline that may be unfamiliar with numerous world suppliers of the required products. To individually identify the various companies, and then to establish lead time and price from each one.