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Inventory & Services Locator


Aviation inventory and services locator is meant to be the most comprehensive tool for aviation industry provided by Locatory.

Locating parts has never been an easy task

Aviation is a global market. It is highly scattered across the globe and it is not a trivial task to organize the search and logistics of particular items needed.

There are plenty of suppliers out there but how would you know which one is the best for you and which one would have the part you need at that particular moment, at that particular AOG?

Striving to get the best suppliers of aviation inventory & repair services is our daily duty.

Internal quality assurance & database updates

With our quality assurance policy we provide verified and only trusted aircraft parts suppliers and buyers. We and our customers can be sure that daily trade of spare parts will be as efficient as possible.

All companies represented in our platform are screened via Locatory‘s internal procedures and only then are able to come on board if meet all the guidelines.

Even afterwards you are not left alone and our proactive customer support is always taking care of the database freshness You will not have to worry about the inventory updates, this is our task.

Get the aircraft parts you need

With it takes just moments to locate the necessary aircraft parts. And we mean moments. Searching is undertaken via standard part numbers in bulk or per single item. Save on logistics costs by choosing from over 2 billions of inventory items listed and picking a suitable location.

Get fixed

Finding someone to repair that part for you was never so easy! There are over 700,000 repair capabilities listed on

Whether you need to do an inspection or repair a broken part or even it is time to do a major overhaul you can rely on trusted repair shops and MROs who are listing their component repair capabilities on Locatory database.


Acquire instant access to billions of items and see how Locatory can optimize your business

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