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Aviation is a crucial part of the increasingly globalised world economy.

With dynamism at its forefront, the industry is unique from the point of view that it constantly demands rapid responses to the changing business environment, yet remains beset by logistical constraints.

Several companies, like, have aimed to address these issues by drawing enhanced solutions to supply chain management, fostering stronger industry networks and the faster delivery of essential parts and services.

However, Locatory is different in that it delves into the lucrative but largely difficult-to-access emerging markets, thereby affording its users the world of opportunities.

E-commerce & Supply chain solutions was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania - a strategic and burgeoning location for the global IT industry.

With a government driven focus on high added-value products and services, our location allows us to keep abreast of new ideas and changes flowing through the IT industry.

Indeed, the country has become something of a powerhouse in IT, with key initiatives taking place over recent years to ensure its stable and prosperous growth.

This includes one of four major technology centres for the multinational banking corporation, Barclays, as well as an active presence from major international companies including Western Union, Ernst & Young, Société Générale and PricewaterhouseCoopers, among others.


"We are experts of emerging markets"

Locatory is a global company but maintains a special focus on the largely untapped opportunities and needs of the emerging markets.

In line with this, the Locatory platform supports the full spectrum of aircraft types, including both Western and Russian built jets and helicopters, while maintaining an active presence through representatives stationed in these markets.

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