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Supplier Management Tool


Supplier management tool was created by Locatory exceptionally for buyers. The demand for such a tool came from the airlines of Russia & CIS countries.

The essence of this tool is to automate the RFQ mailing process.

Approved vendors and RFQs on daily basis

Imagine that you have 50 suppliers approved by your quality assurance department with which you are dealing on daily basis.

Every time a spare part for an aircraft is needed you send an email to your approved vendors.

You have to gather their quotes in some time and consolidate them in one table to compare.

Such kind of manual work takes a lot of time and it is hard to browse through the history.

The problem is solved with Locatory‘s supplier management tool, a unified RFQ mailing list.

Convenience at your fingertips

The SMT enables you to send RFQs to your direct suppliers as well as member suppliers simultaneously.

Add your trusted suppliers to the RFQ mailing list and easily send RFQs to multiple vendors in one click!

Compare and decide

SMT automatically consolidates all the information and enables swift comparison of quotes received from members and your approved vendors.

Save time

Consolidation and automation enables a single procurement manager to save approximately 5 hours a week or 35 days per year!

Save money

Comparison enables you to identify the suppliers offering competitive prices, thereby allowing you to save approximately 15% off the inventory price.


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