Inventory & Services Locator

Whether you need to buy spare parts, do an inspection or repair a broken part you can rely on trusted suppliers, repair shops and MROs who are listing their inventory and component repair capabilities on Locatory database. There are over 1,8 million repair capabilities and over 4,5 billion of aircraft parts listed on

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Market Analytics Tool

Locatory provides tools for keeping the pulse of the latest valuable trends. Top searched part numbers or top hard to find parts are available with a single click on the platform. You will be able to get statistics of even 6 months! What to expect from the market? Find the answers and even your company’s statistics with our market analytics tool.

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Supplier Management Tool

The essence of this tool is to automate the RFQ mailing process. The SMT enables you to send RFQs to your direct suppliers as well as member suppliers. Add your trusted suppliers to the RFQ mailing list and easily send RFQs to multiple vendors in one click! SMT enables swift comparison of quotes received from members and your approved vendors who will remain confidencial at all causes.

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Inventory Publishing Tool

Selling aircraft spare parts on could not be easier. All uploaded inventory can be reviewed, edited or sorted at any time, to ensure the highest possible conversion rate. List all your repair capabilities and extend your exposure via Create your own website catalog under which is visible via most popular search engines worldwide.

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Additional Features

Our comprehensive array of services arms our members with the following useful features: Express Billboard to inform other users about ad-hoc needs and special offers, instant messaging and integrated emailing, automated purchase order, convenient report conversion to PDF, MS Excel, part number watch list, part number auto complete and search auto inform function.

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Amber A.I. Tool

Your personal Artificial Intelligence-based assistant. A.I. engine allows Amber A.I. to immediately identify any amount of part numbers, quantities and conditions that you send from any device. To contact Amber A.I. you only need email. Instant reports on spare parts availability. Two-click distribution of RFQs to all suitable suppliers.

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+4,5 billion aircraft parts

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