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Through the integration of online solutions at Marketplace, shipping services are cost-saving, and convenient. It is a easy to sell, buy, and ship using the same platform.

Also, it can be arranged throughout active Customer Support team. Partnership with global transportation leaders allows to offer competitive prices that can reduce shipping costs and make a solid impact on the bottom-line figures.

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United Partnership

We have a well-integrated network of logistics service providers and have extensive knowledge of the industry, so whatever logistic solution you require, we can handle it. Use of shipping services does not require additional registration.


Effortless Order Management

Each cargo is equally valuable and important. Our goal is to provide each customer with the most appropriate shipping method based on their individual needs. Providing competitive rates to our customers is our ongoing pursuit of excellence through partnerships with key players around the world.


Realtime Shipment Purchase

Whether you are shipping a package or receiving one, reliability is the most important factor. Utilize our global partners’ real-time tracking solutions to simplify the process of receiving packages and managing assets.

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We partnered with international shipping companies to offer convenient logistics
services across the globe, now covering shipments worldwide!
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Start by inputting your package's parameters and the desired destination to initiate the shipping process swiftly and accurately.
Choose Your Shipping Provider
Compare and select the most suitable offer from a range of top shipping providers to ensure your package's safe and timely arrival.
Secure Payment Options
Finalize your order with ease using secure payment methods, including bank card transactions or funds from your deposit account.
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“With Marketplace, we have been able to decrease the amount of time we require to quote, making a positive difference in the way we do business.

Everyone at Marketplace has been incredibly easy to work with.”

Audrone Keinyte CEO at Bluebird Nordic

“With, you get the best of both worlds – easy to use platform and outstanding customer service.

The team is very approachable and available to answer any questions, they are proficient, accessible and patient.”

Aminagha Hajiyev Sales Director at Airpartstock Company LTD
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Shipping Service

We cover all global destinations with our services, except for domestic shipments within North America.

Yes, you can pay for the shipment instantly using a bank card or funds from your company's deposit account, provided there has been an advance payment. Once the payment is processed, you will immediately receive a shipping label. is an exclusive provider of an end-to-end integrated service for shipping providers. By partnering with global shipping leaders, we are able to offer competitive pricing that can help our customers save up to 70%. Our stand-alone shipping app is designed to provide convenient service and our Customer Success Department is always available to support our customers with any business needs they may have.

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