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Parts Precision

Extensive Parts and Repairs Database

Explore a vast database of spare parts and repair capabilities sourced from industry leaders. Find precisely what you need to keep your aircraft in optimal condition.

Search Simplified

Effortless Equipment and Assets Search

Seamlessly search for equipment, assets, and consumables. Our intuitive interface ensures quick and hassle-free navigation, simplifying your procurement process.

Procurement Perfected

Seamless Procurement Solutions

Experience streamlined procurement like never before. Our platform ensures smooth transactions, making the procurement process efficient and stress-free.

Introducing the Multiple Input Search Bar

With this innovative feature, you can explore within Part Numbers (PNs), Alternative PNs, and Repair capabilities simultaneously, using up to 50 values at a time.
Search quicker Harness the power of the Multiple Input Search Bar and redefine the way you explore the world of aviation components and repair capabilities.
Navigate seamlessly Imagine having the ability to swiftly navigate through a vast inventory, pinpointing the exact components or repair services you need, all in one go.

Bulk RFQ Send and Management

With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly send multiple RFQs in bulk, eliminating the hassle of individually reaching out to sellers.
Send Multiple RFQs Imagine the time-saving convenience of initiating inquiries for multiple products or services with just a few clicks. Bulk RFQ Send simplifies the process of collecting quotations.
Manage Sent and Received RFQs Imagine having the ability to swiftly navigate through a vast inventory, pinpointing the exact components or repair services you need, all in one go.

Supplier Management Tool

With this innovative feature, you can effortlessly send RFQs to your personal list of suppliers, even if they are not members of the network.
Expand Beyond the Marketplace Even if your preferred suppliers aren't on the marketplace, they won't be out of your reach. With our Supplier Management Tool, you can effortlessly integrate and contact any supplier, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
Simplified RFQ Management Streamline your RFQ processes by reaching out to your curated list of suppliers with just a few clicks. Reduce turnaround time and enhance response efficiency, all while keeping track of your communications in one central hub.
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What Our Clients Say

“As a CEO, I am delighted with our partnership with Locatory. Their services have provided us with key tools for efficient inventory and supply chain management. We are glad to be able to collaborate with such a professional team as Locatory.”

Stulančák Vladimír Job Air Technic

“With Marketplace, we have been able to decrease the amount of time we require to quote, making a positive difference in the way we do business.

Everyone at Marketplace has been incredibly easy to work with.”

Audrone Keinyte CEO at Bluebird Nordic

“With, you get the best of both worlds – easy to use platform and outstanding customer service.

The team is very approachable and available to answer any questions, they are proficient, accessible and patient.”

Aminagha Hajiyev Sales Director at Airpartstock Company LTD

“ Marketplace is a great tool for quick and easy sourcing parts/tools/equipment with an excellent customer service.

There is a large vendor pool to search from which has helped to shorten time spent searching. It is a pleasure to work with you!”

Barbara Gavranovic Director of Operations at Aviotools Marketplace customer service team is always responsive to any questions I have, they keep me informed and they understand the needs of the company. Excellent customer service!

Sebastien Gaffet General Manager at Ateliers Bigata

“Simple and easy to use Marketplace.

Efficient, extremely helpful and very professional service.”

Tshewang Jamtsho Manager, Stores & Procurement at Drukair

“User-friendly platform coupled with unrivaled high-touch customer service. Marketplace is saving us time, money as well as gives us new opportunities. We are pleased with the service and look forward to a continued partnership.”

Vytenis Pinaitis Deputy Chief Executive Officer at KlasJet

Supplier’s Public Catalog

Maximize your stock visibility with our Public Catalog feature. List your inventory beyond the confines of the marketplace and ensure potential buyers find your stock online easily. Plus, with an easily embeddable iframe, showcase your catalog directly on your website for maximum exposure, all while managing from a singular marketplace hub.
Branded Public Catalog Go beyond the marketplace. With our Extended Stock Listing, your inventory is discoverable by potential buyers scouring the internet. Make sure your stock is visible wherever potential buyers might be searching, thereby increasing chances of successful sales.
Website E-Shop Integration Integrate your public catalog directly onto your website so its visitors can easily view your stock, and you can manage updates or changes from the marketplace. It's inventory display made simple and efficient.

Billboard Express Messages

Enhance your communication scope with our Billboard Express Messages. Send a single message and reach professionals across the entire marketplace network. With distinct categories like Buy, Sell, AOG, Exchange, and News, ensure your communication hits the right target audience every time.
One Message, Maximum Impact Why limit your reach? With our Global Messaging tool, a single message gets amplified across our extensive marketplace network, ensuring your communication reaches a broad spectrum of professionals in the aviation industry.
Precision Targeting with Categories Whether it's a buying request, a sale announcement, urgent AOG needs, exchange offers, or news updates, our distinct categories ensure your message resonates with its intended recipients.

Watchlist Reminders

Stay ahead with our Watchlist feature. As a buyer, never miss out on essential parts. If you can't find a specific component, simply add a Watchlist reminder. You'll be instantly notified once an item you need appears in a seller's inventory. For added convenience, upload an entire list of parts and let us keep you posted about their availability.
Never Miss Out on Essential Parts The aviation industry moves rapidly. With our Watchlist feature, you can always keep up with its speed. If a part isn't available now, set a reminder and receive a notification the moment it's added to a seller's stock.
Bulk Watch with List Upload For those with a comprehensive need, don't add parts one-by-one. Upload your entire list of required components and let our system track their availability for you. Stay informed, stay efficient, and ensure you're always ready to make your next move.

Easy Stock Maintenance

Optimize your inventory management with our versatile stock maintenance tools. Whether you're updating existing items, introducing new stock, or syncing from external sources, we provide a range of solutions. Utilize mapping tools for file-based uploads, FTP for automated imports, or our robust API for seamless integrations.
Dynamic and Efficient Stock Updates Maintain a constantly refreshed inventory with our platform's versatile capabilities. Whether you're replacing a few items, appending new ones, or conducting bulk updates, we cater to all your stock management needs with precision.
Rapid Availability in Marketplace Search Time is of the essence in the aviation industry. When you update your inventory, it gets added to the marketplace search right after its next update which is performed every 2 hours. This ensures that potential buyers see your current stock and can access it swiftly.
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Amber A.I. Email Tool

Amber A.I. is designed to streamline your parts procurement process. Simply email a list of part numbers with desired conditions and quantities, and Amber A.I. will swiftly match you with suppliers who have the stock you need.

Shipping Service

Through the integration of online solutions at Marketplace, shipping services are cost-saving, and convenient. It is a easy to sell, buy, and ship using the same platform. Also, it can be arranged throughout active Customer Support team. Partnership with global transportation leaders allows to offer competitive prices that can reduce shipping costs and make a solid impact on the bottom-line figures.

Dedicated Success Manager is well known for being a customer driven company. We perceive our customers as the most valuable asset. That is why we provide outstanding customer focused support in order to constantly improve and make our customers satisfied. Our proactive customer support is the key to your success while operating in Marketplace.

Connect Your Software

Locatory offers unparalleled integration capabilities with our robust API, enabling you to create custom connectors that streamline your workflow. Additionally, members can take advantage of our ready-to-use connectors, seamlessly integrating with leading platforms like Pentagon 2000,, Rotabull, VistaQuote, and for a cohesive and efficient operational experience.

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Our Premium and Enterprise plans allow you to create a featured public catalogue, where your inventory list is visible to all Internet users, even those outside of our marketplace. This means that your parts will be accessible to everyone. We recommend publishing the Public Catalogue or a link to it on your company website to increase traffic. Additionally, buyers can use our Supplier Management Tool (SMT) to connect with suppliers who do not list their inventory on
Our marketplace helps registered companies conduct business efficiently and quickly. We provide clients with contact details to facilitate direct communication and resolution of business cases. However, we encourage customers to communicate through the marketplace, as it adds extra value through the use of our order management tool.
There are several solutions that can add value to your business. The Public Catalogue makes sellers' inventory lists (uploaded on the marketplace) publicly available to all Internet users, even those who are not partners with This allows you to reach a larger customer base outside of the marketplace. For buyers who only need to search for and purchase parts, we offer Amber A.I., a user-friendly tool designed for efficient companies. With API connection, partners can automate many routine and tedious processes, allowing them to focus on their main goals. Please visit our website to learn more about all of the features and benefits.
Lead time is an optional parameter that suppliers can indicate if they have specific time frames or limits for shipping goods from their warehouse. Suppliers who respond to RFQs directly typically include lead time in their proposals sent via email. Buyers can also specify any time limits they may have by indicating a desired delivery date in their RFQ.
There are several convenient ways to keep your stock up-to-date. One option is to upload files through the Manage Inventory menu on the marketplace. Our success managers are also available to assist: simply send a request to [email protected] and we will take care of it. The most efficient method is to establish an API connection with the marketplace, which allows for constant updates and requires minimal effort, as the software handles the process automatically.
There are several convenient ways to upload your stock. The first option is to use the Manage Inventory menu on the marketplace to upload files in any format, as our mapping tool allows for the use of original file formats. Our success managers are also available to assist: simply send a request to [email protected] and we will take care of it. The most efficient method is to establish an API connection with the marketplace, which allows for constant updates and requires minimal effort, as the software handles the process automatically.

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