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Aviation going green: 3D printing

2021-04-15 / < 1 min

3D printer manufacturers have been closely observing the needs of the aircraft industry for some time now. As air traffic is slowly recovering, and the total volume is expected to roughly double over the next fifteen years. Even today, the industry is already under heavy load, as building and maintaining freight and passenger aircraft is

Emergency equipment, safety first!

2021-04-08 / < 1 min

The decision by many airlines to spread their limited flying among more planes than usual to be ready for a sharp increase in demand could also drive more maintenance spending as manufacturers consider requiring some work to be done regardless of flight hours. Although the airline industry does not expect passenger traffic to rebound to

Tobacco, oil and sugar for greener airplane travel

2021-03-25 / < 1 min

SAF, or sustainable aviation fuel is procured not from fossil-based oil or gas, but by refining organic or waste substances which resolves in less harm to the planet. Sustainable fuel represents a significant opportunity for commercial aviation to reduce its carbon emissions so that flying remains a responsible choice. So why aren’t we all flying

Creative ways to recycle a plane, new life for old aircraft parts

2021-03-12 / 2 min

Where do all of those retired airplanes go? The numbers are huge: approximately 12,000 aircraft are set to be decommissioned by 2020. In addition, 2,000-3,000 planes are estimated to have been abandoned around the world (primarily in developing countries) according to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA). While some parts — especially engine parts —

Aircraft Engine Seals Market

2021-02-25 / < 1 min

Throughout the journey of the aircraft industry, aircraft engines have tremendously evolved due to a fact that it plays most pivotal role in an aircraft. The biggest innovations happening in an aircraft engine are primarily targeting three areas: more power, more durability, and more efficiency. Almost all the engine systems and their components have had

Will a Digital Marketplace Modernise the Aerospace Industry?

2021-02-22 / 2 min

An average aircraft contains approximately 3 million different parts, which are in turn produced by thousands of different manufacturers across the globe. As a result, the procurement of spare parts exists as an extremely complex daily process. This complexity gave rise to a question: is there a way to simplify the process and increase its

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