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Find Aircraft Parts and Repair Capabilities
For a fast and easy discovery, search our worldwide database listings for commercial, general, military and aerospace parts.
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Buy Aircraft Parts and Repair Capabilities
Find the perfect match of price-time-quality with no effort, compare items and always make the best choice.
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Upload your inventory with no limits and increase exposure of your products to an unlimited market.

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What Our Clients Say
About Us

of Marketplace customer service team is always responsive to any questions I have, they keep me informed and they understand the needs of the company. Excellent customer service!

Sebastien Gaffet
General Manager at Ateliers Bigata
customer satisfaction

Simple and easy to use Marketplace. Efficient, extremely helpful and very professional service.

Tshewang Jamtsho
Manager, Stores & Procurement at Drukair
search rate Marketplace is a great tool for quick and easy sourcing parts/tools/equipment with an excellent customer service. There is a large vendor pool to search from which has helped to shorten time spent searching. It is a pleasure to work with you!

Barbara Gavranovic
Director of Operations at Aviotools
vendor pool to search from

User-friendly platform coupled with unrivaled high-touch customer service. Marketplace is saving us time, money as well as gives us new opportunities. We are pleased with the service and look forward to a continued partnership.

Vytenis Pinaitis
Deputy Chief Executive Officer at KlasJet
over 8
years together

With Marketplace, we have been able to decrease the amount of time we require to quote, making a positive difference in the way we do business. Everyone at Marketplace has been incredibly easy to work with.

Audrone Keinyte
CEO at Bluebird Nordic
faster to quote

With, you get the best of both worlds – easy to use platform and outstanding customer service. The team is very approachable and available to answer any questions, they are proficient, accessible and patient.

Aminagha Hajiyev
Sales Director at Airpartstock Company LTD
support availability

Amber A.I.

Update date 25-10-2022

Material purchasing tasks can be automated and sped up with AI and Big Data technologies. Besides making processes more efficient, this also makes scaling up and down easier. Amber A.I. extracts part numbers, quantities, and conditions from your emails and monitors Marketplace database.


1.Streamlines the process of searching for spare parts.
2.Delivers spare parts availability reports instantly.
3.RFQs are delivered to all or selected vendors by simply replying to email.