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Antonov family aircraft are to establish a global online spare parts stock, an IT company supporting the aviation industry with IT-based Supply Chain Optimisation solutions worldwide, and UAC-Antonov, a Joint Venture company between the Russian United Aircraft Corporation and the Ukrainian Antonov Company, have signed a partnership agreement, according to which the parties will establish an online stock of parts and components for Antonov (An) family aircraft, as well as promote and market it in the emerging markets.

Under the new partnership, UAC-Antonov will develop solutions for listing a wide range of An aircraft spare parts and components on the platform, covering both traditional An-24/An-26 and more modern An-140, An-148 and An-158 aircraft. Furthermore, will provide UAC-Antonov with new IT-solutions aimed at facilitating smoother integration of Antonov spare parts into the global component e-stock.

‘Today there are several thousands of various An aircraft operated around the world. The geography of their operations is quite vast – from China and India to Cuba and Peru. Over 90% of those aircraft are 15 years or older, meaning that they require constant maintenance and support. The major issue for carriers is the An spare parts supply, and the farther from Russia or Ukraine it gets, the more complicated the situation is. Luckily, and UAC-Antonov are set to bring all potential suppliers of spare parts for An aircraft under one platform,’ commented the CEO of, Zilvinas Sadauskas.

Today there are several thousands of various An aircraft operated around the world. The geography of their operations is quite vast – from China and India to Cuba and Peru

‘UAC-Antonov was created to establish a deeper integration of the Russian and Ukrainian aviation industries on the basis of Antonov Company aircraft. Whether it is a new generation An-148 or such classics as An24/26, any aircraft type requires a well-established aftermarket support. The availability of spare parts comes as a prime issue with regard to the matter. In cooperation with we will establish an online stock of spare parts, sourced from our entire manufacturing network in Russia and Ukraine. This will allow An operators to access fully up-to-date information on all available components and their location thus significantly easing the search of the required inventory We are certain that this online stock will become a yet another step in the successful promotion of new modifications of An aircraft in the international civil and military aviation markets,’ shared the CEO of UAC-Antonov, Vladimir Navickiy.

According to Mr. Sadauskas, the companies anticipate that eventually not only the manufacturers, but also operators themselves will engage in trading and exchange of spare parts for An aircraft thus establishing direct and solid communication network within the global Antonov aircraft community.

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