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Agile and Integrated procurement provides the key to cost-effective MRO

2023-09-06 / 3 min

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) are crucial in the aviation industry. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of flights, the intricate machinery used in the aviation sector needs to be precisely and promptly maintained. However, it has been difficult to achieve cost-effective MRO in the aviation industry, so adopting agile and integrated procurement techniques can

Locatory.com aviation marketplace welcomes Zooey Aerospace

2023-09-05 / 2 min

We are proud to welcome Zooey Aerospace to the Locatory.com family!Zooey Aerospace is a dedicated provider of Regional Aircraft Spares & Repairs, serving Operators, MROs (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul organizations), and the Aerospace industry. Their commitment is to uphold the highest standards within the aviation sector. At the same time, company delivers complete solutions to

Locatory.com aviation marketplace welcomes MTW Aerospace

2023-08-25 / 2 min

As now Locatory.com partners with MTW Aerospace, we are proud to welcome MTW Aerospace to the Locatory.com family! MTW Aerospace is a stocking supplier of New Surplus, Overhauled, Serviceable, and As-Removed aircraft parts for turbine-powered aircraft. The company specializes in a broad and expanding product line to support the turbine-powered corporate & commuter type aircraft

Optimizing Fleet Performance through Aviation Aftermarket Services

2023-07-27 / 4 min

It’s the day before one of the busiest days of the year for your charter jet company, and everything seems perfect. The weather forecast is ideal, and every jet is fully booked—a business owner’s dream scenario. However, just when you think everything is in place, the phone rings, and it’s your chief pilot with distressing

How to optimize AOG parts availability amid supply chain crisis?

2023-07-04 / 2 min

Due to the failure to effectively address unscheduled maintenance events known as Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations, the aviation industry has been grappling with significant losses in potential revenue, estimated at a staggering $6 billion annually. With ongoing global supply chain disruptions in the post-pandemic environment and the unavailability of spare parts and components, the

Expected Boom of Aircraft Part Aftermarket

2023-05-19 / 2 min

In recent years, the aviation industry has faced numerous challenges, with one of the most significant being issues with the aircraft part supply chain. Locatory.com, an aviation marketplace for aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities, reports that the aircraft part aftermarket is expected to boom, following the accumulating issues in the industry. According to Toma

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