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Release date : 2022-11-09
Reaching aviation sustainability goals through the secondary aircraft parts market

Sustainability in aviation has been a front-and-centre topic for a few years now, with the industry looking for ways to reduce its impact on the planet. From global initiatives, and directives to individual companies’ pledges to focus on sustainable practices, many businesses take this topic seriously. According to ICAO, an average of 92% of an

Release date : 2022-11-03
It’s Here! New Website

We are very excited about the launch of our new website. Our Team have worked hard to design the new website, ensuring that it provides an elevated experience for both our current and prospective clients. The aim was to create a website which represents us and showcases who we are, how far we have come

Release date : 2022-10-14
How Long Does It Take To Cross The Atlantic?

October marks a special anniversary regarding transatlantic air travel. A special anniversary in the world of passenger aviation, with October 4th, 1958 being the date of the first jet-powered transatlantic commercial flight. Here are some variables that affect the speed at which a plane crosses this ocean. Aircraft type A key factor is the aircraft

Release date : 2022-10-07
Supply Chain Challenges Faced by Aviation

Aerospace supply chains have become more fragile due to greater globalization, increased complexity, as well as price inflation. Staffing shortages have caused airports to cancel thousands of flights, while aircraft manufacturers are experiencing longer lead times on their production lines. The economic unrest has instigated a wave of new challenges, with sanctions and conflict restricting

Release date : 2022-09-26
Serious Topic: Parts Replacements

Aircraft replacement parts are a crucial component of continued aircraft cycle. Even the smallest replacement part can ground an airplane. However, it’s the little things that can make all the difference in the installation of new equipment. One of the biggest questions many aircraft owners face is: How do I know the parts I am

Release date : 2022-08-26
New Heights for Aviation Industry: 5G

The new generation of commercial wireless communications (5G) and the multiplication of 5G antennas have raised concerns of interference with aircraft operations, particularly for landing at airports. While most focused on the impact of 5G on consumers, it’s the enterprise world where the technology will really take flight. 5G’s Impact on the Entire Aviation Lifecycle

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