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Introducing Public Website with inventory and repairs catalog

2020-07-17 / < 1 min

Last week Locatory.com introduced a new online sales tool with incorporated latest technology developments for aircraft parts sellers.

From now on Public Website with inventory and repairs catalog is able to start generating even more new visitors and aircraft parts sales.

In our previous press releases we were talking about the competition, which is growing between aviation companies and the most efficient aircraft parts sellers do not limit themselves to utilize established traditional sales channels anymore. They gain more new customers, they focus on the increase of their publicity by acquiring a mix of new and different sales channels, marketing tools and modern internet technologies.

During the last month Airbus France, The Boeing Company, Delta Airlines, Aviall, B/E Aerospace, Lufthansa Systems AG, Virgin Airlines, Russian Volga-Dnepr Airlines and many other similar aviation companies were looking for aircraft parts on Google and other popular search engines.

As an outcome of searching for needed aircraft parts all mentioned companies repeatedly landed on the public company websites of aircraft parts suppliers and MRO’s that are listing their inventory and repair capabilities, and Airlines selling surplus aircraft parts. 

You can also discover how to engage complex IT solutions without the headaches. To learn more we prepared a short presentation below:

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