Back to news page attracts over 45% more visitors in 2016, aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities marketplace, has announced about the significant growth of its visitor numbers – an increase of more than 45% over the year 2016. The audience expansion was accompanied by product launches and new IT solutions – the newest one being integration with ERP software Pentagon 2000SQL™.

Having started operations back in 2011, the numbers now show that the marketplace has grown to become the top choice for companies in aviation. The 45% growth in visitor numbers over the last year was also accompanied by a 65% growth of income. According to, clients were attracted, among other qualities, by the Amber A.I. assistant and part shipping service, both of which are unique features amongst online marketplaces dealing in aviation parts.

 “54% of buyers prefer to use Amber A.I. when searching for spare parts on In total, 38% of all searches on the platform used the virtual assistant, which is now also easily integrated with email – processing inquiries and finding necessary parts automatically on PC or mobile email apps. Meanwhile, on the first week of its introduction, 70% of buyers showed interest in the shipping option, a service that is carried out in partnership with DHL,” shares Dainius Meilunas, the CEO of

 Having launched the Amber A.I. tool to the market back in October, has recently engaged in a partnership with Pentagon 2000 software developers. A new marketplace integration solution with Pentagon 2000SQ™ ensures shorter procurement cycle time and increased efficiency of business processes.

 ”This management system, used by major aviation companies, now interfaces with and allows clients to order parts straight from their work environment. This makes getting the necessary parts for the business faster than it ever was before,” said Dainius Meilunas, CEO of draws the majority of its clients from North America (38%). Of businesses using the services of the market, 63% are suppliers, 53% – buyers. is a part of Avia Solution Group – an international, publicly traded aviation holding with over 20 subsidiaries worldwide.

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